The company I worked for before holds an annual 3-day brainstorming at Baguio.  After the last session and before heading back to Manila, we always find time to buy our pasalubong.  This time around, we cut the market time to just 30 minutes since we all thought that it was ample time already since we really could buy all the stuff back at home, its just that, its a lot cheaper if it were bought in Baguio.

The go signal to purchase was given after eating our lunch at a restaurant situated in Burnham park.  People who are familiar could relate with the distance of the public market from the park but it is tolerable if you brisk walk and decide right away on what to purchase or even probalby just hang out in one store.   So out we went (me and three officemates) to buy sweet treats and the moment we reached our destination and achieving the goal, each member decided to do a second purchase.  One went to the vegetable area to bring home some, the other headed over to the knitwear section to try out a sweatshirt and bonnet.  Then I, on the other hand, remembered mom who said to me before I left what if I buy some broom.  Of course I hesitated because I would look like a first-timer in Baguio, plus the fact that it’s too bulky.  Never-the-less  I decided to surprise her with her wish – a brand new 3 for P150 set of broom. 

Now, officemates who do errands together, stay together.  What happened next was we lost one of our officemate who said that he was just checking out the pirated dvd section.  Apparently, he also moved out, wandered around and lost track of our whereabouts, equipped with a drained out cellular phone.  Exciting eh? Wait unti I checked on my wristwatch and found out that our 30 minutes was up!  Our very strict boss told his driver to drive the van then leave us as punishment and we were told to take the bus instead then use our own money for the fare because the purpose and teachings of the brainstorming were not met.  Me and my lucky broom! If only I had the strength of Bruce Lee, I could’ve broken it into two (make that 6)!  I felt that I was also scolded with a broom (pinalo sa p__t) by my dad, er boss rather.

I need change.  I want to start doom of the broom.  I need help!

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