I wish to attend the Ironman event and get to know other challengers better.  Before that, I promise not to get injured.


I am a host by profession and in my early days, I already loved sports but stopped at one time since I got into cigarettes which became a bad habit but eventually I prevailed against this battle against nicotine. Being a wise challenger, I am confident that I can beat other challengers half my age.


My dream is to qualify in the Ironman World Championship and this would be my biggest race to date if ever and I hope to finish each leg under the best time possible.


I love to relax and spend time with my family and pets and I will be running this race for my good brother Andre who is sick.  Outdoors is my passion. Reaching the summit gives me a different high. This also allows me to commune with nature and appreciate God's creation.  The key to winning for me is perseverance, patience and dedication


Don't let looks deceive you. Behind the looks hides a strength that even seasoned athletes are wary of.   What sets me apart from other racers?  I will give you a very clear answer which will stick to your mind:  Gatorade. This is proven to energize both mind and body. This is based on studies and research done for years and thus, there's no better way to test this than to do Ironman race to prove the effects of this.

I hope to inspire more people to live their lives to the fullest through a balance of physical aptitude and mental sharpness.