I want to try the Somnio Mission Control running shoes on since these shoes look pretty and very durable and the gel pads take in the shock from when your feet hit the ground and add stability. I plan on running a marathon with these shoes for I bet my feet won't hurt at all afterwards.  These are a great pair of running shoes for all athletes. Overall, I am very impressed with this product.

I need a second pair of shoes now and I think these will fair well, considering I'm more than 165lbs and I over-pronate.  If you like to replace your running shoes every three months or so these are great and very affordable.

I tried some $90 worth N-Brand shoes on, and then there’s these A-Brand also.  These two both felt less solid and unstable and a bit heavy, than the Somnios, which may be more of the price but indeed a very good shoe for the price. I plan to buy these for my wonderful wifey for summer, and she will absolutely love these. She has high arches and her old sneakers were giving her shin splints. She will have none with these.