As I look back at 2007 of November perhaps the greatest virus attack that ever wreaked havoc on my computer was a storm worm which blasted my internet with two types of attacks, both aimed at building up their botnet.  The experience with this threat of virus attack is might be because of my lack of knowledge that time, since my mind was brainwashed by my friend’s thought that viruses are created by antivirus companies in order to fool users on buying their product.  Of course they would have the perfect antidote, being the creator of such. 

Going back, those viruses wiped out the programs and data on my hard disk eventhough I was confident that it was partitioned and I could simply reinstall OS and stuff.   The one who thwarted the attack was successful in his endeavor of catasthrope since it was unexplainable what had happened thereafter… I cannot access my old photos taken from different countries!  No backup made whatsoever since social networks weren’t that much of a hit back then.  

Lesson of the story:  Believe in the power of antivirus.  Norton is the chosen One.