Quotes Tonight I made *Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits, pg 80 from the book America's Secret Recipes by Ron Douglas. WOW!!! They were a BIG HIT!!! My husband said "you done good". Thanks Ron for the book. Quotes
Mary Lou

Quotes "The Cheesecake Factory cheesecake recipe was fantastic. My family loved it! Thanks..." Quotes
Jamaica, NY


Quotes "Well worth the money. I've used several of these recipe secrets in other dishes I make..." Quotes
Linda S.
Miami, FL


Quotes "The first time I saw this recipe book, I was totally blown away! Mind you, I'm a food lover who doesn't know how to cook for nuts... NO WAY someone will be able to teach ME how to cook these dishes at a fraction of the price! Not to mention that other cookbooks on the market are easily selling at 4 times the price with 10 times less information. Ron, I think your cookbook will put these restaurants out of business if everyone starts following your instructions and cook from home!" Quotes
Yeo Feng


Quotes "...These recipes are fantastic! So far I've made 5 different dishes using your cookbook and the response has been the same each time - Wow Ma, this is good!..." Quotes
Laurel, MD


Quotes "I have made MANY of the recipes, and have been thrilled EVERY time, so have all the friends and family that I have cooked for. Everybody who gets to taste my cooking says how amazing it is that these recipes taste just like the restaurants. I was in the restaurant field for close to 4 years, and I know that everything is premade, boxed, bagged, and full of blubber ready to be assembled. I love that I get the same great flavor, with out the excess fat and preservatives. It's healthy, full of flavor, and I already have all of the ingredients in my kitchen. I shock myself every time I cook! I keep on wanting to compliment the cook, and then I remember that I am the cook. Thank you for helping me to realize that I love cooking!" Quotes
Martina M.



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